5 Ways We Honor & Remember the OK Corral

It was only a 30-second shootout, but it is one of the most remembered in all of Wild West History. Yes, the 1881 Tombstone, Arizona shootout at the ok corral between lawmen and the cowboys was deadly, the result of a long-standing feud between the two groups. Wyatt Earp Was among those in the feud, which didn’t end with this battle. It is a very vivid, interesting story of history that is honored in a variety of platforms today.  Five ways the OK Corral shootout is remembered and honored:

  1. Sports

Across the country, wild west themed sports bars showcase the OK Corral and its legacy. If you are looking to enjoy a night of westen fun, one of the bars can appease your every need. It is nice to get together with people who share your interests and perhaps make lifelong friends.

  1. Clothing

From temed t-shirts to western wear, you can show your interest and intrigue in the battle through the clothing that you wear. It is perfect for most any occasion and lets you live your life to the fullest! Why not dress up in your kind of style?

  1. Costumes/Costume

Whether it is that spooky time of the year – Halloween or a simple gathering of friends, why not enjoy an OK COrral theme? Everyone in attendance can dress up on their favorite side of the law and make the most of their party.

  1. Wedding

Who says you need the traditional long white gown at your wedding? Show your real personality at your wedding and create a western style, OK Corral-ready event. Everyone in attendance will appreciate and enjoy this showdown.

  1. Gun

Gun clubs are popping up at various locations across the country. They’re fun for gun enthusiasts, especially those themed inan OK Corral setting.