How To Hire A Band For Your Event

Some events need live entertainment. Live entertainment gives a party atmosphere and buzz. People get excited when music is performed before their very eyes. If they don’t remember anything after your party, they’re going to remember the music. There are just a few things you should know, however, before diving into hiring wedding / party bands seattle.

Make sure you have everything planned out. Your musicians will need direction. What should they play during supper? What about dessert? Should they be silent during the mother-in-law’s speech or should someone belt a forlorn saxophone solo? Make sure you know how you want your event to unfold and you know exactly what type of band and music you want at your event.

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Think about where your event is going to be. If there is a stage, is it big enough for the band you want to hire? If there isn’t a stage, will the guests be able to hear the band from that corner you stuck them in? Take acoustics into consideration. Live music in an outdoor tent can drift away on the wind. Live music in a chapel can echo until your eardrums vibrate.  Think about what you have available for lighting, and be able to make everything look nice once it’s put together.

Here’s the word we’ve all been waiting for: money. Be sure to be considerate of not only your budget, but the pricing of the professionals you are hiring. Hire and pay according to your needs, so that you can give your guests an event they’ll remember for the next decade. Also be considerate of the time and money your band will be spending while transporting everything and setting up. Pay attention to the costs, make sure it’s fair, but be willing to pay a professional price for professional work.

Leg Workouts: Lunges vs. Squats

Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts are aware of the importance of leg workouts. Not only do leg exercises help strengthen your lower body, but they will help with your overall weight training or fitness program.

Leg Workouts Boost Muscle Gains

Working the leg muscles releases a good amount of testosterone into the body, which accelerates muscle building. Those who are hoping to gain strength and/or muscle mass will benefit a great deal from leg workouts.

But what leg exercises are the best? Today we will compare squats and lunges, two of the most popular leg workouts.


Performing squats is an excellent workout, because it is such a practical movement. Squats involve going up and down with our lower body, a movement we perform every single day. Those who are active in their jobs will benefit even more from squats.

With squats, it is important to use the correct squat technique, because poor technique can cause undue stress on the joints. When squats are performed correctly, they work almost every important muscle in the lower body, including the hamstrings, quads and thighs.


Similar to squats, lunges work all the leg muscles. The thighs, glutes and hamstrings are stressed every time you are lunging. This exercise is also very good for your back, provided you are standing straight and using the correct form.

squat technique

Those who experience back pain or soreness will benefit from performing lunges a few times a week. Lunges can also help improve balance and core strength, especially when the focus is on slowly completing the motion with perfect form.

Are squats superior to lunges? Are lunges the best exercise? The truth is that both are fundamentally important to a lower body workout.

These are easy but powerful exercises to perform. They do not require special weights or machines. They can be done at home, at the gym or outside. They are crucial to any fitness or strength gaining program.

Experiencing the Last Frontier

Though some skeptical Americans first regarded Alaska as “Seward’s Folly,” it didn’t take residents of the lower-forty -eight long to realize the Secretary of State made a great bargain when he purchased Alaska from Russia in 1869. From the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1890s to the legend of the Iditarod, within a generation, the rugged frontier of Alaska had captured the imagination of a nation.

Today, outdoors adventurists longing for a taste of primordial Eden travel to Alaska. Fishermen who want to touch the clear waters of virgin lakes and pristine rivers find seward Alaska fishing exactly what their aspirations demand.

seward Alaska fishing

It’s been an  adventure, America’s love affair with its Alaskan frontier.

While America’s cities expanded with industry, and the wide-open spaces of the West were tamed with farms, ranches, and fences, Alaska remained wild, undeveloped, an elusive wilderness. The nineteenth century receded into the past and the twentieth century came to life. Alaska brought the beauty of an untouched past into the dawning present.

Alaska became an outpost during World War II, a buffer between war and peace. In the uneasy space between democracy and authoritarianism during the Cold War, Alaska stood as a sentry for the rest of the United States.

The march of time through the twentieth century into the twenty-first century brought change to Alaska. Engineers designed pipelines to carry the oil bubbling beneath the soil to the thirsty places south. Even the wilderness succumbed to scar tissue of modernity. Still, beauty survived. The wilderness remained.

Alaska called out to a people hungry for the authenticity of nature. Alaska beckoned to a people weary for new beginnings.

On those waters when artic winds blow and halibut bite, fishers experience the adventure of the last frontier of a country of frontiers.

Why Hire Or Purchase A Tent?


The idle mind has sometimes been accused of living in a tent. But what could be more glorious and romantic than that? Nomads across the globe have been doing it for centuries. They have survived and they have seen and experienced so much of this world that most others set in their urban ways have yet to experience, or may never experience in their short existence. And yet, an encounter with a tent is always possible.

But why would anyone wish to live in a tent today? Well, for all practical purposes, this may not be possible in the concrete jungle, but out there, in the wilds or the back of beyond, it becomes a means of survival. If this is going to be a regular occurrence in the near future for you then purchasing a live-in tent will help prepare the way. But if it is just camping on the odd vacation then renting a tent is your viable option.

Tents are great for all manner of occasions, not to live or camp in but to celebrate or commemorate special occasions or events. For the occasion, you simply dive in to an event tent rental. It is entirely up to you and you can make it fit for a king or queen. Or fit for both king and queen. The wedding ritual is a popular destination for the event tent. What could be more romantic than that? The nomads have been doing this for centuries, so why not you as well.

Gargantuan feasts can be prepared from ginormous marques. These take care of the need to rent bricks and mortar venues that may come at costlier and yet inflexible prices. And the mind is never idle at a corporate event housed under the roof of a large tent.

Why DIY Might Be A Don’t


DIY is all the craze now for events, especially with so many Pinterest boards of how you can throw the perfect wedding all by yourself.  Well, I am here to tell you that it is not always what Pinterest may show.  It takes blood, sweat, and tears to create the perfect event.  If something goes awry, you have to fix it and abandon your wedding to do so!

Here are some of the reasons events are best left to the event production, nyc professionals.

1.  Who you gonna call?  Your event planner!

When planning a large event like a wedding, there are always hiccups along the way.  If you are planning this all by yourself, or worse with family, many problems may come up.  Instead of enjoying the process or the party, you would have to deal with the complications so your guests are none the wiser.  Unless, of course, you have an event planner.  They are trained to fix these sorts of issues and usually do so without breaking a sweat.  Then you can breathe easier.

2.  When in doubt, opinions count

There are a plethora of decisions that must be made when planning an event.  Most of which are minute to the average person, but can add important details or even behind the scenes structure that allows for a perfect event.

When having to make all of these decisions without a professional it can be overwhelming and others may weight in a bit too much.  An event planner can take a lot of these little things off of your plate so you can focus on the colors, seating arrangements, and other fun stuff.

3.  Cost of not knowing

It may seem that hiring a professional would mean paying more for an event, but with their knowledge and inside deals it can actually cost much less.  Sometimes there is a cost to not knowing.

4.  Time to enjoy

When having an event, things can go wrong during the actual party.  This is where an event planner shines and gives you the time to enjoy the party and your guests.

Decorating Your Home with Art – Room Settings


There are many different approaches when it comes to decorating one’s home. You may choose a great theme for the entire structure or focus on individual rooms. This process means finding décor that accomplishes particular themes. One of the key approaches used includes the use of functional fine art. This is especially terrific for those interested in collecting these pieces long-term.

It is possible to look at each room of your home as a blank canvas. The walls, floors and surrounding details can be used to create a specific setting. Art is one of the accessories that enhance these living spaces. In some rooms, artwork is used as a focal point to decorate around. There are other spaces where these pieces are used to harmonize the complete décor.

Introduction of Color

Some spaces just look a little bland in the home. This may be due to wall color or lack of furnishings. Introducing color in these areas is a great way to make a statement. You can find a stark contemporary piece with vivid pastel colors. Another option for these rooms is graphic patterns that bring not only color but shape into the space.

Display Landscapes

Landscapes are some of the most popular pieces of art to utilize. This is because the possibilities are virtually endless. You could select a field of wildflowers or a garden scene. Each of these brightens the space and creates a theme. Another landscape that is often seen is the ocean. Some homeowners prefer simply water scenes while others prefer beach views along with the ocean.

There are no set rules when it comes to choosing artwork. Finding pieces that you like and that speak to you is important. Remember to be creative in where you place these pieces to make great impressions.

5 Ways We Honor & Remember the OK Corral

It was only a 30-second shootout, but it is one of the most remembered in all of Wild West History. Yes, the 1881 Tombstone, Arizona shootout at the ok corral between lawmen and the cowboys was deadly, the result of a long-standing feud between the two groups. Wyatt Earp Was among those in the feud, which didn’t end with this battle. It is a very vivid, interesting story of history that is honored in a variety of platforms today.  Five ways the OK Corral shootout is remembered and honored:

  1. Sports

Across the country, wild west themed sports bars showcase the OK Corral and its legacy. If you are looking to enjoy a night of westen fun, one of the bars can appease your every need. It is nice to get together with people who share your interests and perhaps make lifelong friends.

  1. Clothing

From temed t-shirts to western wear, you can show your interest and intrigue in the battle through the clothing that you wear. It is perfect for most any occasion and lets you live your life to the fullest! Why not dress up in your kind of style?

  1. Costumes/Costume

Whether it is that spooky time of the year – Halloween or a simple gathering of friends, why not enjoy an OK COrral theme? Everyone in attendance can dress up on their favorite side of the law and make the most of their party.

  1. Wedding

Who says you need the traditional long white gown at your wedding? Show your real personality at your wedding and create a western style, OK Corral-ready event. Everyone in attendance will appreciate and enjoy this showdown.

  1. Gun

Gun clubs are popping up at various locations across the country. They’re fun for gun enthusiasts, especially those themed inan OK Corral setting.

Celebration Events – Plan for the Activities of the Day


There are many different celebrations that take place each year. These usually involve your family, friends and acquaintances. In fact, some individuals have a calendar full of such activities. Graduations are some of the most exciting of these because they mark a milestone. Since there are certain months that these generally take place, celebrations honoring multiple graduates can be planned.

Hiring an experience planner takes the stress and hassle out of the process. Your graduation party planner will help you to prepare for this celebration in the right way. This may include selecting a particular venue, caterer and florist. There are a variety of things to consider when planning these events. The most important part of the process is to ensure that those being honored feel special.

Decoration Plans

There are some unique ways to decorate a graduation party venue. This may depend on whether these are high school graduates or college. School colors are sometimes used to make the location standout. Banners, balloons, confetti and other decorative accents are gorgeous displays. It is important that table cloths, napkins, plates and other supplies match or harmonize with the rest of this décor.

Dining Plans

Some parties will have a particularly formal theme and should have a different sort of dining plan. Individual seating service is one option with these graduation events. Buffet style dining is great for formal and casual parties. When planning the menus for these parties, there are other things to consider than the food alone.

The amount and type of attendees should factor into these choices. If this is a party, primarily attended by teens, finger foods, appetizers and chips are popular. Older groups may prefer a full sit-down entrée menu. Accommodating the number of people invited along with the activities planned is extremely important.

6 Reasons to Buy a NFL-Style Cornhole Board

To play cornhole, a board is needed, along with bags. Most of the bags look the same for this game, but the boards are a real treat. When you set out to buy a cornhole board, there are endless styles designed to appease the need of every player. NFL fan? Buy one of the cool NFL cornhole boards.

A cornhole board with NFL logo and colors is a great buy for many reasons, including:

1.    Show your love for your favorite team. As a fan, you know how important it is to show this love in every possible way. These boards make it possible to show how much your team means to you.

2.    Don’t expect the cost of this board to cost an arm and a leg. There are many boards priced to accommodate any budget without causing any type of financial strain in the process.

3.    Want to get the discussion going and the tempers flaring? It is easy to do with this board in use. Who doesn’t like to have a good discussion about their teams, the latest games, player trades, and more while they play cornhole?

4.    Choose from any NFL team that you love, even the teams that aren’t so good but still a part of the franchise. There are tons of styles for all teams. You can even make your own if you would like.

5.    The boards with NFL styles added to them are attractive and impressive and the logos make your cornhole game more exciting than it is already. Everyone can appreciate the fun!

6.    These boards make great gifts for many people and many different occasions. Who doesn’t love each of these great sports? Now you can make the most of both sports and combine them together.