How To Hire A Band For Your Event

Some events need live entertainment. Live entertainment gives a party atmosphere and buzz. People get excited when music is performed before their very eyes. If they don’t remember anything after your party, they’re going to remember the music. There are just a few things you should know, however, before diving into hiring wedding / party bands seattle.

Make sure you have everything planned out. Your musicians will need direction. What should they play during supper? What about dessert? Should they be silent during the mother-in-law’s speech or should someone belt a forlorn saxophone solo? Make sure you know how you want your event to unfold and you know exactly what type of band and music you want at your event.

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Think about where your event is going to be. If there is a stage, is it big enough for the band you want to hire? If there isn’t a stage, will the guests be able to hear the band from that corner you stuck them in? Take acoustics into consideration. Live music in an outdoor tent can drift away on the wind. Live music in a chapel can echo until your eardrums vibrate.  Think about what you have available for lighting, and be able to make everything look nice once it’s put together.

Here’s the word we’ve all been waiting for: money. Be sure to be considerate of not only your budget, but the pricing of the professionals you are hiring. Hire and pay according to your needs, so that you can give your guests an event they’ll remember for the next decade. Also be considerate of the time and money your band will be spending while transporting everything and setting up. Pay attention to the costs, make sure it’s fair, but be willing to pay a professional price for professional work.