Leg Workouts: Lunges vs. Squats

Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts are aware of the importance of leg workouts. Not only do leg exercises help strengthen your lower body, but they will help with your overall weight training or fitness program.

Leg Workouts Boost Muscle Gains

Working the leg muscles releases a good amount of testosterone into the body, which accelerates muscle building. Those who are hoping to gain strength and/or muscle mass will benefit a great deal from leg workouts.

But what leg exercises are the best? Today we will compare squats and lunges, two of the most popular leg workouts.


Performing squats is an excellent workout, because it is such a practical movement. Squats involve going up and down with our lower body, a movement we perform every single day. Those who are active in their jobs will benefit even more from squats.

With squats, it is important to use the correct squat technique, because poor technique can cause undue stress on the joints. When squats are performed correctly, they work almost every important muscle in the lower body, including the hamstrings, quads and thighs.


Similar to squats, lunges work all the leg muscles. The thighs, glutes and hamstrings are stressed every time you are lunging. This exercise is also very good for your back, provided you are standing straight and using the correct form.

squat technique

Those who experience back pain or soreness will benefit from performing lunges a few times a week. Lunges can also help improve balance and core strength, especially when the focus is on slowly completing the motion with perfect form.

Are squats superior to lunges? Are lunges the best exercise? The truth is that both are fundamentally important to a lower body workout.

These are easy but powerful exercises to perform. They do not require special weights or machines. They can be done at home, at the gym or outside. They are crucial to any fitness or strength gaining program.